Excursion Pods

Business Development Program


Excursion Pods are small to medium sized, self-contained prefab structures that house equipment share programs in smaller “linkage” towns and communities between larger hubs, that don’t otherwise have outdoor sports equipment rental services. These unmanned facilities will contain equipment based on seasonal activities. They can be accessed remotely via Wifi/Phone App by local residents, day trippers and other tourists. The structures will also serve as livery drop off and pick-up locations by the Regional Hubs for longer outdoor adventures.

ExPod storage capacity can be scaled according to local rental needs and transported to sites via road. In addition to equipment sharing, the pods will expand the public space adjoining existing facilities, providing basic services for boat and bikes as well as sheltered public seating. The Excursion Pods would be solar powered, allow 24 hour access, and be monitored by video/audio wireless cameras for security. Ideally the locations would allow primitive overnight camping or be located in a community that has other desired services.

The ExPods would complement existing businesses, providing new services and equipment for tourists and local communities.  For example--a local bike shop partner could opt for an ExPod with boats. The maintenance of the Pods would be the responsibility of the Larger pubs, local business partners or local communities, in public-private partnerships.

The second part of our business plan introduces an equipment share program encouraging a wider range of tourists to participate in more recreational activities. We propose establishing a network of regional locations and smaller facilities where people can access bikes and boats during the summer and snowshoes and skis during the winter.  The simple, elegant structures will be designed at various scales ranging from larger pod facilities to Excursion Pods and Pod Links that suit an array of needs and functions. 

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Ex-Pods Program Information is available upon request. All locations reviewed, inspected  and  evaluated prior to  approval and acceptance .