Inclusive Recreational Activities on the NYS Canal-way

Community Health Inclusion Partner - Adaptive Equipment

Rochester Accessible Adventures

Our Adaptive Paddling and Cycling Center (APACC) is committed to the growth and advancement of the canal, the associated walking and bicycle paths as a recreational asset.  We have created an accessible, friendly, safe environment for people to kayak and cycle with their friends and family. Experienced staff and volunteers, a dock-mounted hoyer lift, floating docks low to the water, and a ramp entry all make ECBC a wonderful place to learn about adaptive kayaking equipment, 

try various paddling options, and explore the Erie Canal along Fairport's banks and beyond. In addition, through community partnership and collaborations, Rochester Accessible Adventures (RAA) and Erie Canal Boat Company (ECBC) provide experienced staff and volunteers for cycling clinics, riding groups, and adaptive bike rentals. We will offer a variety of three-wheeled cycles -- foot pedal and hand pedal options -- as well as the MonoMano, which provides wonderful one-handed controlling of the bike. Adaptive accessories ensure stability and greater control while riding.

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